Purpose of Myanmar Young Leaders Programme

Myanmar Young Leaders Programme

Purpose of MYLP

The purpose of the MYLP is to build a network of highly skilled leaders who will contribute to the peaceful development of Myanmar and establish strong links with New Zealand. During the programme they gain a wide range of knowledge and skills to enable them to build the capacity and effectiveness of their sponsoring organisations. Participants will be expected to work cooperatively within the group while in New Zealand, and on their return contribute to building democracy in Myanmar by working collaboratively between their organisations and other alumni.

The programme runs from 4th March until 25th August 2019 and is based at Victoria University of Wellington which is one of New Zealand’s leading universities.

The programme will consist of a 25 week full-time course with a tailored 11 week course of lectures, discussions, workshops and visits to relevant organisations. The main objectives are to provide knowledge of democratic processes, human rights and economics, and an introduction to basic research and proposal writing skills. Students are firstly provided with 13 weeks of English Language Proficiency (EPP) to enable them to maximise their understanding and learning from the tailored course. There are four to five half days for each student to pursue one particular interest in depth, supported by an individual mentor. This special interest should be the basis of a small project that will be undertaken In Myanmar on their return, and will be the subject of weekly proposal writing sessions.

The English Language Institute of Victoria University is responsible for providing the English classes and assists with the tailored programme. A teacher from this Institute works closely with participants, teaching the orientation and assisting with the tailored course, and meeting regularly to support students during the English Proficiency Programme (EPP).

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