Indonesia Young Leaders Programme


INSPIRASI is UnionAID’s programme for emerging civil society leaders in Eastern Indonesia. Each year 10 participants are selected to spend six months in New Zealand learning about sustainable development, community organising, public policy, co-design, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, environmental management, gender justice and inclusive development. 

The programme is based at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and includes 3 months of English language training, and a 3 month Sustainable Development course.  A range of trips and visits to other organisations and parts of New Zealand are included and participants have support to explore their own special interests in sustainable development. Participants complete a fieldwork project in their community when they return home and join an alumni network for ongoing support and learning.

INSPIRASI exposes participants to new ideas and institutions in New Zealand, giving them a chance to think critically about the work they do at home and to further their research, evaluation, presentation and communication skills.  Participants work together across ethnic, religious and gender lines to build unity and understanding – with each other, course leaders and presenters, community mentors, host families and UnionAID volunteers.

The INSPIRASI programme is funded by the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade as part of it’s Aid Programme in Indonesia.  The programme is managed and run by UnionAID in partnership with AUT  in Auckland and BaKTI (a knowledge-sharing organisation for East Indonesian NGOs).

Programme Content

The six-month programme in New Zealand is delivered by UnionAID, in partnership with AUT. It involves New Zealand organisations and individuals including local and central government, NGOs, academics and Māori. The programme includes:

  • Pre-departure workshop
  • 12-week intensive English language proficiency programme
  • 11-week course on sustainable development covering:
    • Community development, social innovation, co-design, and social enterprise
    • Governance, including Parliament in action, local government engagement with communities and environmental management
    • Rights-based development, including gender justice and labour rights
    • Conflict resolution and reconciliation
    • Community development from a Māori perspective, management of land and resources and development of the Māori economy and social services
    • Practical workshops on organisational development and management of NGOs
    • Campaign and communication training, including digital tools and social media
    • Research and proposal writing and the development of a project proposal.
  • The opportunity to explore an area of special interest with access to a personal mentor and organisations and experts working in the young leader’s particular field (e.g. waste and recycling, legal aid, women’s rights, youth development)
  • An annual alumni hui (workshop) in Indonesia run by BaKTI to exchange knowledge and build networks with groups from other years of INSPIRASI
  • The opportunity to manage a small action project in the young leader’s community.

The INSPIRASI programme has been developed with local advice on the particular needs of East Indonesia. 

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  • Who can apply for the INSPIRASI Programme?

    Applicants must

    • be aged 20-30 years
    • be living and working in East Indonesia (East and West Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and North Maluku, Papua, West Papua and all Sulawesi provinces)
    • be working with a community-based organisation or NGO such as a women’s organisation, labour union or environmental group, or a social enterprise
    • intend to return to work with that same organisation for a minimum of one year after completing the programme
    • have the support of that organisation to come on the programme
    • have English language proficiency equivalent to ≥4.5 IELTS or > 400-413 TOEFL
    • hold a passport issued by the Government of Indonesia valid for 6 months beyond the return date. 

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