International Union Projects

Our projects with international union partners aim to build the capacity and long-term sustainability of union groups and worker cooperatives, so that they can advocate for their rights, fair pay, secure employment, and safe working conditions.

Through an international network of solidarity, we bridge connections between unions in Aotearoa New Zealand and those across the region. 

Current Projects

Latest news

Hope for tomorrow: Dalit and Tribal children in Tamil Nadu

Dalit and Tribal workers who are members of unions and cooperatives organised by the Tamil Nadu Labour Union (TNLU) have high hopes for the futures of their children. They want their children to have the opportunity to choose their own future and not be trapped into caste-based occupations and poverty

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UnionAID funds new project to support Solomon Islands workers

UnionAID is pleased to announce a new project with the Workers Union of Solomon Islands (WUSI), the sole trade union representing private sector workers in the country. With over 6,000 members spanning various industries including ports, construction, and fisheries across multiple provinces, WUSI operates independently and apolitically in the challenging Solomon

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Integrating Myanmar migrant workers into RLUG’s union structure

Kronkanok (Pla) Korwong from the UnionAID project partner in Thailand, the  Rangsit Labour Union Group (RLUG), explaining the union structure which is now part of the RLUG constitution for migrant workers from Myanmar.  The postions are filled by migrant workers from the plastics, steel and food industries. The UnionAID project

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