Sri Lankan Women’s Organising Project

Sri Lankan Women’s Organising Project

Free Trade Zones and General Services Union – Sri Lanka


Women workers in parts of Sri Lanka work long hours for little pay and may be subject to sexual harassment.  From 2013-2015 UnionAID partnered with the Free Trade Zones and General Service Employees Union (FTZGSEU) to run a project in Sri Lanka to organise and support these women workers.

Sri Lankan Women march

The project was primarily focused on the tea plantations and garment factories of the northern and eastern provinces.  These provinces have seen a rapid expansion in garment factories under the Government’s recently established Free Trade Zones.  The project aimed to develop a support network among women workers and ultimately organize them so they can raise their voices against discrimination and achieve better work and better wages.

This project with the FTZGSEU was completed in December 2015.





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