Rangsit and Area Labour Union Group

Strengthening Rangsit and Area Labour Union Group

Rangsit and Area Labour Union Group – Thailand


In Thailand unions are organised at enterprise level and retirement at 55 is mandatory, Building and maintaining strong unions depends on fostering young workers who are prepared to take lead as current leadership retire.

Organising at enterprise level means that high density union membership is critical to the success of unions fighting for better wages and working conditions. This project aims to create at least one new factory-based union, expand union membership to more than 60% of regular workers in each factory in the working area of R.L.U.G..

Many unions within the R.L.U.G. have excluded migrant workers and contractors from union membership. A primary objective of this project is to encourage unions and their members to fix regulations and allow membership of more vulnerable workers.

The union group, will also host 3 training sessions for union members and workers in the Rangsit area, which will aim to develop new labour union leaders, to encourage workers to engage in union activity and expand membership as well as raising men’s awareness of gender issues and LGBT rights.

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