Mae Sot Training Facility

Training Facility for Migrant Workers

Mae Sot, Thailand

UnionAID’s introductory project has been funding a training centre for migrant workers who are crossing the border from Myanmar into Thailand. Since 2009 the Mae Sot training centre has seen over 1100 women through its doors, teaching them valuable work skills and helping them find work with reputable employers. The training includes learning about Thai labour laws, language and culture.

Until 2017 there was no legal avenue for people from Myanmar to migrate to Thailand, although every year tens of thousands of migrants fled military rule, and political unease in search of work, higher wages, safety and freedom from poverty- many of those migrants are women and are vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking.

Every year thousands of people migrate from Myanmar to Thailand in search of work, safety and a life free from poverty.  Many of those migrating are women who can be vulnerable to exploitation in Thailand.  UnionAID funds an occupational training centre run by the Confederated Trade Unions of Myanmar (CTUM) in Mae Sot on the Myanmar – Thai border.  The training centre provides between 150 and 250 migrant women each year with sewing training and support into safer employment in Thailand.  The training includes learning about labour rights in Thailand with the aim to giving migrant workers .

The CTUM was formed by Myanmar workers, who with their families, fled the military regime in Burma by crossing the border into Thailand. Since the ban on trade unions in Myanmar was lifted in 2011 the CTUM has been able to work within the country for the first time and union membership is growing.

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