What We Do

For a Better World

Decent work, with wages and conditions that enable us to live in dignity, is a basic human right. We can’t sit by while millions of people in our Asia-Pacific region are denied this right. 

We are committed to supporting action by working people in neighbouring countries to build unions, provide skills training and take collective action that improves their lives. Together we will empower working people in our Asia-Pacific region to achieve a life free of poverty.

How We Work

We invest the money we raise into partner organisations in developing countries with the experience, courage and knowledge to build the collective power of vulnerable working people.  Partners identify their priorities and solutions and we support them through funding, advice and monitoring to ensure that projects deliver real change for working people.  

Building Unions

Unions provide working people with the collective power to negotiate decent wages and conditions and improve their livelihoods. Unions have fought for the working rights we benefit from in Aotearoa and men and women in developing countries deserve the same rights too..​

Skills training

Skills training increases job opportunities and earning potential. Our projects support women, migrants and minorities to gain new vocational skills so they can get decent work and safely support themselves and their families.

Creating Cooperatives

Establishing local co-operatives enables small scale farmers, street vendors, cleaners and other groups of working people to collectively make and sell their products improving their incomes and sustainablity. We have supported Dalit and Tribal workers in India to form co-operatives, increasing their incomes and breaking dependency on money lenders, middle men and landlords.

Empowering workers

Participation in democratic worker led organisations, empowers people who are struggling because their work is not formally recognised to advocate for better pay, job security, and better prospects for themselves and their peers.

Shaping Young Leaders

With funding from the NZ Aid Programme, UnionAID has provided 113 young community leaders from Myanmar, East Indonesia and Mindanao (southern Philippines) with the unique opportunity to learn about democracy, human rights, gender justice, Te Tiriti o Waitangi and community development here in Aotearoa.

Our Success

For more than ten years we have worked with our partners to build grass roots movements for justice and decent work.  Achieving real change is challenging work but our projects have directly improved the lives of thousands of working people to improve their working and social conditions.

working people benefiting from vocational skills training
more men and women organised in unions
members of new cooperatives increased their incomes

Where we Work

We support projects with partners in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific.  We are currently supporting union partners in Tamil Nadu (southern India), Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and the Philippines.  Our three young leader programmes support civil society organisations from Myanmar, Eastern Indonesia and Mindanao in the southern Philippines.