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Union Project Builds Momentum in Rangsit

By using a wide range of thoughtful strategies, the Rangsit and Area Labour Union Group (RLUG) can boast significant successes in building the union and improving lives.

Over the past year under the UnionAID funded project in Thailand, RLUG has:

  • signed up three new unions
  • increased membership to 60% in five of their nineteen unions
  • actively encouraged youth union involvement by meeting with student activists and focussing more on social media
  • promoted changes to constitutions in three unions so migrant and subcontract workers can join – bringing the total to six
  • run study groups, seminars and trainings for around 300 men and women

In 2020, they plan to focus on further recruitment of women, youth and migrant workers, and to reach out to migrant workers by providing Thai language classes for them and their children.

A room full of workers seated in a conference room, most have a hand raised to vote to become part of the Rangsit and Area Labour Union Group
Workers from Villeroy and Boch voting to join RLUG at their AGM in May 2019

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