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Manohari Doss’ Leadership Recognised

Manohari Doss, leader of the Tamil Nadu Labour Union (TNLU), has been recognised as one of seventeen transformative Asia Pacific women leaders at the UN – ESCAP, Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference, in Bangkok this November. She was invited to speak as a panellist at the launch of the report “Pathways to Influence: Promoting the Role of Women’s Transformative Leadership to achieve the SDGs in Asia Pacific”.

This publication provides an evidence-base for policy-makers in order for them to actively invest in women’s leadership. It examines how governments, partners and women can foster women’s transformative leadership and, using case studies, highlights how and why these exceptional women have been able to show such leadership, and the impact of their work.

Manohari was the first girl to be educated in her small village and provides the inspiration and energy for the TNLU’s extremely effective grassroots work with Dalit and Tribal people.

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