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Migrant workers’ rights championed in Thailand

Our partners in Thailand, the Rangsit and Area Labour Union Group (RLUG), have been championing the rights of migrant and informal workers, like food delivery bike riders and home workers. Migrant workers pay the same Social Security levy as Thai workers, however they do not get the same benefits. The RLUG are calling for labour laws to include rights for informal sector workers.

RLUG president,  Est Thanapong, spoke at a rally outside the Social Security Office (SSO), alongside other labour and migrant workers‘ rights groups, demanding that the SSO honour its promise to hold an election to pick its board members in March. So far, no one has heard any details about the election that is supposed to be held next month. The SSO insists that the election will take place.

The RLUG is also meeting with representatives of political parties to advocate for workers’ rights in their manifestos.  The military-led Government has announced that a General Election will be held this year, with a tentative date of 7 May.

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