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Myanmar military carries out deadly airstrikes – NUG statement

The Myanmar military carried out a string of deady air strikes on civilians on 11 April 2023. Dr Tun-Aung Shwe from the National Unity Government of Union of Myanmar (NUG) has issued this statement, calling for condemnation:

I am very sad to inform you that on April 11, at 7:45 a.m., when the newly renovated local administrative office was opening at Pazigyi village in Kantbalu Township of Sagaing Region, the Myanmar junta’s air force dropped multiple bombs on a civilian gathering of several hundred people, while attack helicopters strafed the crowd. At least 100 people were confirmed dead and over 50 were injured. At 5:35 p.m. on the same day, the terrorist air force arrived again and fired with jet fighters to leave no evidence. We expect the death toll to rise.

The military continues its mindless war on our country’s own people. Their sole aim is to consolidate power through death and destruction. They will not succeed. We will continue our fight for a new Myanmar. Our goal is a Myanmar in which such atrocities cannot occur and where power derives from the will of the people, not the force of arms.  

We, the National Unity Government call for condemnation of this senseless massacre. We ask our neighbours and ASEAN for immediate assistance with humanitarian aid to this region and the other regions of Myanmar, where 1.8 million people are already displaced. 

Right now, the people of Myanmar are fighting for their democracy and their future against the military coup and they are calling for our support.

UnionAID is liaising constantly with our partners on how we can help.  They have asked for funding to support the campaign for democracy and to uphold human rights.

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