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RLUG represent workers at Thai protests

UnionAID partners, The Rangsit Labour Unions Group was represented at the rallies, protests and marches at APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Community) in Bangkok Thailand this month.

The concerns of a wider group representing workers in Thailand were that APEC opens up business trading, while ignoring labour rights, fair wages and the livelihoods of workers.

The workers’ group’s demands included greater democracy and participation in society, that the Thailand Government ratify fundamental ILO conventions 87 and 98 on freedom of association and the right to organise, as well as improved rights for migrant workers.

During the second day of the APEC meeting riot police blocked the APEC protest march at the Democracy Monument using riot shields, batons and rubber bullets.  Two protestors received severe eye injuries after being struck by a rubber bullet.

The RLUG unions continue to give voice to the workers at meetings, forums, protests and rallies in the industrial areas around Bangkok and also at international events in Bangkok itself.

A buddhist monk is stopped by riot police in Thailand
Riot police in Thailand stopped protestors from marching to the venue of the APEC meeting held 17 and 18 November in Bangkok.

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