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Philippine garment workers fight against union suppression

The National Shop Employees Federation (NSEF) have issued a warning that they will march towards the Prime Minister’s Office if their demands for Eid bonuses, overtime allowances, and March salaries are not addressed within seven days. This announcement came during a memorandum submission event in Dhaka, targeting the office of the Inspector General of Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments. 

The memorandum, demanding better conditions for over 6 million shop employees, was also sent to various high-level officials and organisations, highlighting issues such as extended working hours without proper compensation and the lack of leave for Eid celebrations. The federation emphasised that immediate action is essential to avert a larger protest.

Garment union leaders in the Philippines negotiate to end forced leave in their factory, which is denying workers much-needed wages. Credit: Solidarity Center/ Miguel Antivola

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