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Every day our courageous union partners are working hard to create real change. By building unions, forming cooperatives and fighting for their rights, tens of thousands of working men and women have achieved long lasting improvements to their incomes and working conditions.

Their stories show the power of collective action and solidarity to change lives and make a better world.

Stories from Our Union Partners

Members of the Bangladesh Garment Workers Union calling for increased maternity leave entitlements for International Working Women's Day

Wins for Garment Workers During COVID Downturn

Bangladesh: Bolstered by labour rights training workshops for National Garment Workers Federation delegates during Covid-19, union members from eight factories submitted collective demands to owners to enforce maternity leave provisions,

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Migrant Workers Seek Remediation

Migrant Workers Remediation PRoject Demand for rubber gloves because of Covid-19 saw profits soar at Top Glove, the world’s largest rubber glove maker. But this drew attention to labour abuses

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Stories from our Young LEaders

Two alumni masters graduates

Zin Mar Lar Tay and Zet Nan have both recently graduated with a Masters in Public Policy from Victoria University. Now they will take their new knowledge and skills back

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