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Online learning a hit with Young Leaders

Positive feedback from participants of the Indonesia and Mindanao Young Leader Programmes reflected how relevant and enjoyable online learning has been made by the programme managers, Caroline Novak, Laila Harre and Alex Hill. As one young leader from Mindanao said,

One thing I found really interesting in this journey was that online learning can be fun and exciting… I had a fixed mindset that it is hard to learn online compared to the face-to-face approach… But the experience in MinYLP proves me wrong (MinYLP21 participant).

Others have highlighted the pleasure they have from the sessions,

“Amazing. I love my group…I feel grateful, glad and proud of being part of INSPIRASI KEA Year.” (IYLP 2021 participant)

“I really enjoy every session of the Sustainable Development Course. I feel like getting vitamins when I attend the class (IYLP 2021 participant).

The programmes have been adapted for online learning, with English classes and part of the Sustainable Development Course being delivered remotely. Both groups will implement their action projects before coming to Aotearoa to complete their course once travel is possible. Topics of interest across the two groups are diverse. In Mindanao, these range from youth participation in the parliamentary system in Bangsamoro to food insecurity for communities impacted by the pandemic. In Indonesia, projects will tackle social and environmental issues including waste education within schools, fair trade practices for women farmers and the vulnerability of rural youth.

Young leaders from both groups at a joint workshop of safeguarding children

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Support the people of Myanmar

Two years on from the military coup, the people of Myanmar are still fighting for their democracy and their future against the military coup.

They are calling for our support.

We are liaising constantly with our partners on how we can help.  They have asked for funding to support the campaign for democracy and to uphold human rights.