Solidarity Newsletter

Octopus processing project adds value to women’s lives and livelihoods

Twelve women from a coastal village in Indonesia which is reliant on the harvesting of octopus have doubled their incomes through an innovative business scheme. Instead of just selling the raw octopus – which is market driven and often does not provide a living – they now process the raw product into marketable products such as cooking sauces and snacks. 

This initiative emerged from a business training project for women organised by Dita Amorisa, alumna of the 2021 Indonesia Young Leaders Programme, in the coastal village of Poto Tano on Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara province. The women have now set up their business legally, Called Kelompok Wanita Tangguhi, this has received recognition from the village authority, attracted attention of the Regency government, and given the women prominence in the village. The success of the project has prompted an NGO to help with processing equipment, and JARI, Dita’s organisation, decided to fund a further phase of the project.