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Support nurses in Myanmar

The day after the 2021 military coup, hundreds of nurses and doctors walked off the job and went on strike. They were soon joined by thousands of other public sector workers and the Civil Disobedience Movement was born.  Because of their courageous resistance the military do not have control of the country, although the civil war is ongoing.  

Many of these nurses and doctors are now working as volunteers in the many camps for internally displace people (IDP) in Shan state. They often work on the frontline tending to gunshot wounds,  and other life threatening injuries from landmines and bombs. In their day to day work in the camps, they care for people with malaria and malnutrition, diabetes and heart disease.

They don’t get paid for this work. But in Myanmar a small amount goes a long way.

Support the nurses: A modest sum of $115 can pay the wage of a frontline nurse in Myanmar for an entire month. Any contribution you can make helps these nurses to cover their living expenses whilst they give their time, care, and energy, to people in need.

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