Thanks to the generous support of New Zealand unions, volunteers and donors, our courageous overseas partners have changed the lives of tens of thousands of working people and their families.

As we head towards our 10th Anniversary, we are inviting union members and supporters to commit to a small regular donation to make more of this work possible. These are our precious Kiwi Solidarity Donors.

Some highlights over the last ten years include:

  • 4,000 Dalit workers in India have participated in worker co-operatives, doubling their incomes and freeing them from debt.
  • Fiji garment workers minimum wage increased by 19% after our union partner’s campaigned.
  • In Thailand nearly 2,000 migrant workers from Myanmar have received skills training and labour rights education.
  • Backpay for manual scavengers in Tamil Nadu, equivalent to NZD$173,000
What we do:

  • Attend an event to present on UnionAID where possible/requested (by arrangement with SolidariTEA organiser)
  • Provide the tea, leaflets, posters and promotional video (via a link)
  • Follow up with those who offer to contribute.

What the organiser does:

  • Promotes the event, invites workmates (use the poster, email, personal invitations)
  • Hosts the SolidariTEA
  • Introduces UnionAID and shows the video (unless UnionAID is attending)
  • Invites colleagues to contribute – pass out sign-up leaflets
  • Thank everyone for attending
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