Our People

Laila Harré

Programme Manager – INSPIRASI – Indonesia Young Leaders Programme | laila.harre@unionaid.org.nz

Laila Harré is a trade unionist who has been involved in industrial relations as a lawyer, union leader, politician and ILO specialist. She lived in Fiji as a child and has maintained a strong connection with the Pacific in her union work. She was the Associate Minister of Labour and Minister of Women’s Affairs between 1999 and 2002. She’s owned and operated a living wage restaurant and now works for UnionAID, supporting young community workers from Eastern Indonesia to understand and develop their capacity as social innovators. Laila has completed her LLM in 2018, researching the labour provisions and impacts of investment treaties. 

It’s vital that groups of workers have access to some funding and support to lead their local initiatives. It’s also important that Kiwi workers have a means of supporting worker-led projects in our region for social justice and decent work.