Job Opportunity

Executive Assistant

Applications close on 24 May

If you want to be part of making the world a better place, have a background in administration, are good at establishing organisational processes this new part-time role with UnionAID may be for you.

UnionAID is an international development organisation, and registered charity, working to alleviate poverty and injustice in our Asia-Pacific region. In addition to our work with NZ unions and overseas partners promoting decent work we currently run two MFAT funded programme for young community leaders from Myanmar and Indonesia.

We are a small organisation, currently with two paid staff and a number of committed volunteers. However UnionAID is growing and we have ambitious goals for extending our development projects other projects and fundraising efforts. The Executive Assistant will play a key role in supporting UnionAID’s growth by establishing effective systems for managing the diverse and busy workload across the young leaders programmes, fundraising and other overseas development projects.

The Executive Assistant will report to the Executive Officer and work with UnionAID staff and volunteers to deliver the young leaders programmes, run successful fundraising activities and ensure UnionAID’s systems and processes are running to a high standard so both donors and project participants receive the information and support they require.

For full details of the Executive Assistant role and responsibilities click the link in bold below.

Executive Assistant – Role Description

For more detail on the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Assistant role please see the full job description.

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