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Integrating Myanmar migrant workers into RLUG’s union structure

Kronkanok (Pla) Korwong from the UnionAID project partner in Thailand, the  Rangsit Labour Union Group (RLUG), explaining the union structure which is now part of the RLUG constitution for migrant workers from Myanmar.  The postions are filled by migrant workers from the plastics, steel and food industries.

The UnionAID project has been organising among migrant workers including running a series of Thai language classes and social activities to build up relationships between migrant workers and Thai workers. The lack of a common language has been a barrier to migrant workers joining the unions in the factories where they are working alongside Thai workers. Some migrant workers from the UnionAID project now attend the monthly meetings of the RLUG unions as the relationships between the migrant workers and Thai workers from the RLUG unions continues to strengthen.

UnionAID supports democratic, worker-led organisations that help empower working people to improve their work and livelihoods through collective action.

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