Introducing Our Young Leaders


UnionAID, with its partners the Auckland University of Technology, BaKTI and the New Zealand Embassy in Jakarta, is delighted to welcome the fourth cohort of East Indonesia Young Leaders to the INSPIRASI whānau! The participants come from across East Indonesia and work in a range of fields related to sustainable development, including environmentalism, gender justice, indigenous organising, the education sector and youth empowerment. 

Michelin Sallata
South Sulawesi

Barisan Pemuda Adat Nusantara (BPAN)

Michelin is the Chair of Barisan Pemuda Adat Nunsantara (BPAN), an autonomous wing of AMAN, which functions as a forum for the gathering of indigenous youth. BPAN works to build the capacity of indigenous youth and the organisation provides a forum for solidarity and aspirations.

Michelin is particularly interested in the strategic approaches to the provision of indigenous schooling, including curriculum development. She is also interested in climate education and climate mitigation.

Laylah Fiamanillah Ahmad
South Sulawesi

Lembaga Study Kebijakan Publik (LSKP)

Laylah Ahmad is a volunteer with Lembaga Study Kebijakan Publik (LSKP), an organisation that works between government agencies and community organisations to conduct studies and evaluations, including the review of public policy. The organisation also delivers community empowerment initiatives, including with migrant groups.

Laylah is interested in education for minority groups, including refugees and migrants.

Linda Rosince Tagie
East Nusa Tenggara

Lowewini Community

Linda Tagie is the founder of Lowewini, a community group that uses education and cultural arts to promote social equity, and create safe spaces for women and children who are the victims of violence. This includes the provision of training, psychosocial support, a citizens’ library and contemporary theatre. Lowewini also campaigns and advocates for women’s rights and gender equality.

Linda is interested in applying feminist theory and perspectives while documenting the oral histories of the indigenous people of Sabu.

Engel Laisina 

EcoNusa Foundation

Engel Laisina is a volunteer with EcoNusa foundation, which delivers environmental projects, including mangrove and tree plantings, beach clean-ups, school visits and awareness raising with local communities. Engel is an active youth spokesperson on environmental issues in Maluku, and nationally. She is also a member of Kewang Mudu Maluku, Moluccas Costal Care, Mitra Muda and UNICEF.

Engel is interested in strengthening regulation to support environmental protection, and youth action for environmental protection.

Elsye Omegaputri Moiwend 

Kewita Learning initiatives

Elsye Moiwend is an organiser and member of Kewita, a grassroots learning initiative for women based in Jayapura (but active in several locations throughout Papua). Kewita aims to empower Papuan women by facilitating intergenerational indigenous learning, focusing on literacy, numeracy and reproductive health.

Elsye is interested in literacy education in community settings.

Mariana Yunita Hendriyani Opat
East Nusa Tenggara

Tenggara Youth Community

Mariana is the founder of Tenggara Youth community, an organisation which provides education on sexual and reproductive health rights for children and adolescents, particularly poor, marginal, socially excluded and underserved (PMSEU) youth. The organisation also provides assistance to victims of sexual violence in Kupang.

Mariana is interested in learning about comprehensive sexuality education and gender-based violence.

Samuel Leivy Opa 
North Sulawesi

Seasoldier Sulawesi Utara

Samuel is an Education Division Advisor at Seasoldier Sulawesi Utara, which focuses on environmental protection, including mangrove planting, coral transplantation, beach clean ups, coral reef clean ups, and campaigns and education about waste management.

Samuel also lectures in Marine Science at Esa Trinita Science and Technology Institute, and would like to foster more collaboration between academics and practitioners. While participating in INSPIRASI, Samuel would like to learn more about marine waste reduction and ecotourism.

South Sulawesi

Yayasan Indonesia Mengabdi

Yusri is a Programme Analyst at Yayasan Indonesia Mengabdi, a national NGO focusing on the development and implementation of programmes on child protection and children’s rights. The organisation is an implementing partner of UNICEF Indonesia and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

Yusri is interested in the prevention of child marriage, and applying gender and social inclusion approaches to child protection programmes.

Hasbi Assidiq 
South Sulawesi

Makassar Legal Aid Institute (LBH Makassar)

Hasbi Assidiq is a volunteer with Makassar Legal Aid Institute (LBH Makassar), which provides legal aid to disadvantaged or marginalised individuals and groups. Hasbi works on labour rights, human rights and the environment. He is currently focused on human rights and environmental rights issues, particularly protecting and defending the rights of local communities that are threatened by commercial activities on their land.

Hasbi is interested in the intersection of environmental issues and human rights, particularly access to traditional and customary territories.

West Nusa Tenggara

Nusa Bio Diversitas Indonesia

Budiman is the Managing Director of Nusa Bio Diversitas, an association of scientists with overseas study experience who collaborate on projects for research, education, conservation and community development.

Budiman is interested in the development of informal education for youth, particularly literacy and leadership skills.