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Improving conditions for Samoan workers

A UnionAID project with Samoa First Union, has led to significant benefits for Samoan seasonal workers through the establishment of a Workers Advice Centre (WAC) in Apia, Samoa.

This centre has been pivotal in helping workers to claim their legal entitlements, particularly focusing on seasonal and Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) workers heading to New Zealand and Australia  . The WAC offers comprehensive support, including preparation for departure, assistance with superannuation and unclaimed entitlements upon return, and guidance for seafarers regarding their contracts and employment conditions abroad.

Since its inception one year ago, the WAC has empowered workers to confront issues such as harassment, verbal abuse, and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) concerns in their workplaces, promoting awareness of their rights and the proper channels for reporting grievances. Additionally, it has played a crucial role in addressing the prevalent problem of unpaid National Provident Fund (NPF) contributions, prompting employers to rectify these discrepancies.

The community’s increasing involvement with the union shows a growing awareness and action towards protecting workers’ rights in the workplace, and the value of trade unions.

UnionAID supports democratic, worker-led organisations that help empower working people to improve their work and livelihoods through collective action.

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