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Human Rights Violations Brought to Light

Courageous activists and National League for Democracy members are risking their lives documenting human rights violations in Myanmar. However online courses, organised this year by Thin Thin Lay (MYLP 2020) for forty six men and women, ensure they do this important work safely and effectively.

Since the training, participants have provided on-the-ground data to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) Documentation Department. Established in 2000 on the Thai-Burma border under an early military regime, AAPP also provides the horrific daily totals of killings and arrests by the military junta.

The training was overwhelmingly seen as useful, with one participant saying:

I understand more deeply about human rights, human rights violations, the differences between the human rights violations and ordinary crimes. I also learned that it is not only important to document the perpetrators but also those who are behind it… What I like the most during the training was documentation process part because it is useful in practice at the current situation in Myanmar.

UnionAID is proud to support these small practical projects by our alumni on the border and in Myanmar

Right now, the people of Myanmar are fighting for their democracy and their future against the military coup and they are calling for our support.

UnionAID is liaising constantly with our partners on how we can help.  They have asked for funding to support the campaign for democracy and to uphold human rights.

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