Get Involved

What you can do

UnionAID supports working people, organising together and advocating for better work for a better world.

You can support UnionAID’s work and the work of our partners through regular or one-off donations, or through volunteering your time and expertise. 

Your support enables us to support our project partners to get the resources they need to build unions, establish cooperatives, deliver skills training, and continue to do their important work for fair work and wages for working people in Asia and the Pacific.  

Support UnionAID and Partners

Donor Promise

As a UnionAID donor you will receive:
  • Regular updates about our partner organisations
  • Early invitations to events including the Peter Conway Memorial Lecture
  • An annual tax receipt that you can use to claim back 33.33% of your donation from IRD
Why Choose UnionAID?
  • Our projects are identified and implemented by grassroots partner organisations who understand the context and needs of the communities they are a part of.
  • You are supporting democratic, worker-led organisations that empower working people to improve their work and livelihoods through collective action.
  • Our partners work to grow the capacity and skills of their communities so that the work they do can have sustainable, long lasting impacts, 
  • Most of our administration costs are met by supporting NZ unions, meaning more of your donation makes its way directly to working people in Asia and the Pacific. 


Join our Action Committee

Volunteer input drives our fundraising and project work, meaning your donations go further. UnionAID’s Action Committee of volunteers meet every month to plan and run fundraising events and provide input to UnionAID’s projects and reporting. The Action Committee is made up of volunteers who share our union and social justice values and give their time to this cause.

Support our Young Leaders Programmes

UnionAID manages three leadership programmes for young civil society and NGO leaders based in Mindanao, East Indonesia and Myanmar.

These programmes are funded by the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and are delivered by UnionAID staff and volunteers. You can be a part of these programmes and contribute to the development of these young leaders by becoming a host or mentor. 

Our young leaders are selected from a wide range of community and non-government organisations in their home countries, and a diversity of backgrounds. Host families have the opportunity to engage with and learn from the programmes' participants and are invited to join special events and activities.

Hosts must live in Auckland or Wellington, have good access to public transport, and be able to provide a separate bedroom, breakfast and an evening meal. You also need to be open and willing to share your home with a young person from a different background, religion and culture than your own.

Special Interest Mentors

A key part of our young leader programmes is special interest mentorship. Mentors are preferably experts in their subject areas and provide an opportunity for students to explore a particular interest in depth. They put together a special interest reading list, schedule visits to relevant organisations and support young leaders to critically explore this topic.

Special interest topics are identified by the young leaders themselves and in the past have included eco-tourism, women’s rights, waste and recycling, developing youth leadership, indigenous development and many more…