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Funds Urgently Needed to Pay Myanmar Medics, Teachers

Money is needed urgently to pay nurses, doctors and teachers working in the jungle with families fleeing the conflict in Myanmar. By refusing to work for the military regime these public sector workers are taking risks by volunteering their services.

A mere $100-$200 per month will enable a doctor, nurse or teacher to continue their life saving work with the elderly, women and children. To donate please visit: Myanmar Appeal:

Two days after the military coup in February 2021, nurses and doctors across the country stopped work and initiated the civil disobedience movement (CDM). The resistance movement has succeeded in preventing the junta from taking control.

Right now, the people of Myanmar are fighting for their democracy and their future against the military coup and they are calling for our support.

UnionAID is liaising constantly with our partners on how we can help.  They have asked for funding to support the campaign for democracy and to uphold human rights.

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