Kiwi Solidarity Donors

Tamil Nadu new project pic

Mariammal, Basket Weavers Co-op in India

You can sign-up as a monthly Kiwi Solidarity donor through one of the links below.  Monthly donations help our overseas project partners plan and continue their great work supporting men and women to get the decent pay and dignity they deserve.

Your donation will support projects that are dealing with the causes of poverty to create sustainable and fair development.


Make a monthly Kiwi Solidarity donation:

UnionAID is a registered charity and your donation will be eligible for a 33 percent tax credit

U Saw Yee Lal a farmer in Bago, Myanmar

Why choose UnionAID?

  •  projects identified and implemented by local partners who understand the context and need
  • dealing with the causes of poverty to create sustainable and fair development
  • a worker focus, supporting working people so they can raise their families in dignity
  • most fundraising and project reporting is done by volunteers
  • substantial administration provided by unions, meaning your donation goes further

Make a one off donation

You can make a one off donation to our bank account. Please enter your last name in the reference section and your phone number in the particulars section. Email us at so we can send you an invoice

Account Name: UnionAID

Account Number: 01-0533-0208365-028

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