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Celebrating local cuisine to secure markets for local farmers

A collection of traditional and adapted local food recipes and stories, Food, Land and People, was published recently by Ete Umby Tara, one of the 2018 young leaders from Indonesia.

Recipes were collected during visits to villages and observing and listening to home cooks.  Ete choose this action project as a way to support traditional farmers and create a sustainable market by encouraging food businesses and home cooks to use more local food crops and products.

Ete Umbu Tara is a local food campaigner on Timor Island. While the pandemic affected the launch and promotion of her book, Ete says it also highlighted the importance of food security. “Transportation lines have been restricted, goods are expensive and limited. People in the villages suffer.” Her colleague, Pikul, says of the villagers “…local food helps them a lot when they do not have access to enough food, especially rice. Local food has become important as a food resource and as income for the family.”

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