Tamil Nadu Labour Union

Union and Cooperative project based in Tamil Nadu, India

Dalit Workers Gaining Freedom

Since 2011 the focus of our work in India with the Tamil Nadu Labour Union (TNLU) has been on establishing co-operatives with Dalit and Tribal workers so they can gain independence from money lenders and middlemen that have kept them trapped in a cycle of poverty. Over 2,175 men and women have joined these small …

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Lockdown in Tamil Nadu Pushing Informal Workers to the Edge

The vulnerability of India’s 450 million informal workers has been exposed as the nation entered a 21-day lockdown in March. These men and women rely on their day-to-day earnings to support their families with little opportunity to save and no government welfare to support them. For these working people a 21-day lockdown presents them with …

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Eight women sit on a stage holding certificates presented by the UN-ESCAP

Manohari Doss’ Leadership Recognised

Manohari Doss, leader of the Tamil Nadu Labour Union (TNLU), has been recognised as one of seventeen transformative Asia Pacific women leaders at the UN – ESCAP, Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference, in Bangkok this November. She was invited to speak as a panellist at the launch of the report “Pathways to Influence: Promoting the Role …

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A man hammers a large bowl, he is surrounded by stacks of large metal bowls.

Utensil Workers Cooperative Improving Safety

In the stifling heat and noise, utensil makers in Madurai spend long days hammering designs onto pots. Many of these men have done this work for decades and risk accumulated hearing loss, respiratory problems and other injuries. But things are changing for the better. Since forming a co-operative this year they have made significant improvements …

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