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Homework Centres for TNLU members children, Tamil Nadu, India

Tamil Nadu Labour Union

The Tamil Nadu Labour Union (TNLU) in southern India is UnionAID’s longest running partnership.  The TNLU team, led by Manohari Doss, is an umbrella organisation providing training, support for 18 unions and 17 cooperatives that it has developed with support from UnionAID.  Today over 15,000 men and women, from vegetable growers in the high country …

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Two boys practice their spelling on a small chalkboard

Children’s voices inform education policy

At a unique workshop organised by TNLU recently for both children and their teachers, children from the evening education centres were asked about their likes and dislikes. They identified their top likes as grandparents, parents, and family members; to be loved, cared for, and shown affection; and to play games, dance and act – like …

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