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Early voting for young learners in Myanmar – a MYLP project update

New ways of teaching have been introduced into Karon school by one of our recent MYLP participants. One of these innovative ideas was to hold an election for children to choose their class presidents (see photos below).  Equal rights have been encouraged in the classroom with each child voting for one female and one male student to represent them.

Before voting, the teacher introduced the students to leadership qualities to help them choose the best candidates. Their smiles show how much they enjoyed the process.

This project, funded by UnionAID over the past year, has blossomed into a community development venture with joint activities and meetings attended by the whole village.

Right now, the people of Myanmar are fighting for their democracy and their future against the military coup and they are calling for our support.

UnionAID is liaising constantly with our partners on how we can help.  They have asked for funding to support the campaign for democracy and to uphold human rights.

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