UnionAID was established by the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions in 2004 and formally registered as a charitable trust in 2009.  Our purpose is to alleviate poverty and achieve social justice by supporting overseas workers to form unions and worker collectives.  We fund projects to directly improve the rights and livelihoods of working people in developing countries in the Asia – Pacific region.

Sri Lanka project 012 

We develop all our projects in partnership with trusted organisations in developing countries, usually unions. Local communities identify their needs and priorities and we help them develop strategies which will improve pay and conditions, and encourage economic independence and self-determination.

UnionAID is funded by the generous donations of individual Kiwi’s and the New Zealand union movement.  Much of our fundraising work is done by volunteers and administration support is provided by New Zealand unions.

Annual Report 2016:

Our 2016 Annual report can be viewed below.


A copy of UnionAID’s full financial statements for 2016 and previous years can be found at UnionAID’s page on the Charities Services website.

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