Working people in Asia and the Pacific are experiencing a perfect storm of Covid-19, recession and rising authoritarianism. Millions are facing poverty as a result.  It doesn’t have to be this way and unions are fighting back to protect worker rights and demand a fair recovery. 

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They are struggling against the odds and we can help them by providing funds for the resources and tools they need to organise, to provide education and training and build strong unions for working people.

We can help them hold the big brands to account during the pandemic and sustain their brave campaigns for human rights against authoritarian and military governments in Myanmar, Thailand and the Philippines. 

Please donate to this UnionAID appeal so our union and community partners around the region can keep up the fight for a better post-Covid world.

What will funds go to?

UnionAID will use the funds raised from this appeal to support existing or new union partners in Asia and the Pacific in the following ways:

  • Funding for development programmes, like co-operatives, education and training and other initiatives aimed at providing decent work opportunities
  • Funding to build the capacity of unions to organise and educate working people about their rights and collective action
  • Funding to support unions to undertake campaigns and/or legal action to defend and promote labour rights and build the capacity of unions and working people to defend human rights and democracy against authoritarianism.
UnionAID is a registered charity and your donations will be eligible for a tax credit in NZ. 
UnionAID will keep you updated on the impact of your donations through our regular Solidarity newsletter.


“Call centre workers are keeping our economy afloat through Covid-19 and providing vital services.  Yet when we stand up for our rights and safety we are attacked and intimidated.  Through all of this UnionAID’s support means we have had the practical resources to keep organising and fighting.” – Mylene Cabalona, President of BIEN Philippines