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a living wage is a basic right, not a privilege

At UnionAID, we’re working towards a world where every worker receives a living wage, enjoys secure employment, and works in safe, fair conditions. We want to build a bridge of solidarity between workers in Aotearoa and workers in Asia and the Pacific, leveraging our resources and networks to support their fights for labour rights and social justice.

1 Hour Living wage campaign

A living wage is not just a financial figure – it’s a human rights issue. It’s about dignity, fairness, and respect. It’s the minimum income necessary for a worker to meet their basic needs, including housing, food, healthcare, and other essential amenities, without needing to rely on social assistance. A living wage can help lift people out of poverty, reduce income inequality, and drive economic growth by stimulating demand. The fight for a living wage is a fight for social justice.

On 1 September 2023, the living wage rate in Aotearoa increased to $26 per hour. Thanks to unions and grassroots movements like The Living Wage Campaign,  thousands of workers will receive a pay increase to ensure they can live with dignity and participate in society. But for many workers across our region, the fight for a living wage is still a steep uphill climb.

Join the global movement by giving just 1 hour of the New Zealand Living Wage per month – $26 – to support union groups in Asia-Pacific in their struggles for fair wages and decent working conditions.  

Your contribution will support our current partnerships and allow us to build new alliances.

Kiwi Solidarity Membership

When you join the 1 Hour Living Wage Campaign, you’ll not only be making a contribution, you’ll become a UnionAID Kiwi Solidarity Member, standing alongside workers from across our region.

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