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We want to see workers and communities across Asia and the Pacific thrive through enhanced labour rights, decent work, social justice, and democracy.

Our mission

Through international solidarity and collaborative projects with grassroots groups, UnionAID supports partners to build their capacity, advocate for labour rights, secure decent work and fair pay, ensure safe working conditions, promote equality, and engage in democratic processes.

International Union Projects

Our projects with international union partners aim to build the capacity and long-term sustainability of union groups and worker cooperatives, so that they can advocate for their rights, fair pay, secure employment, and safe working conditions, into the future. Through an international network of solidarity, we bridge connections between unions in Aotearoa New Zealand and those across the region.


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Young Leaders Programmes

Integral to our work is the empowerment of the next generation through our Young Leaders Programmes, which equip young community leaders from Myanmar, Eastern Indonesia, Mindanao, Cambodia and Laos, with skills in community development, democratic processes, Māori development, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, conflict resolution, sustainable development, gender justice, and human rights. Our aim is to build networks of skilled leaders who contribute to the peaceful and just development of their communities and countries.

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Flavours of Solidarity - UnionAID Cookbook

Food, like the spirit of solidarity, knows no boundaries. It speaks a universal language, binding us all in its rich tapestry of flavours, textures, and memories. This unique recipe book is a celebration of this shared language. It brings to your kitchen a collection of recipes from our partners and friends across Asia and the Pacific. It’s a tribute to those who have, with determination and bravery, stood up to demand better, more equitable conditions for themselves and their communities.

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