Myanmar Young Leaders Programme

Myanmar Young Leaders Programme


The Myanmar Young Leaders Programme (MYLP) brings twelve young leaders from Myanmar to New Zealand each year for six months to study democratic processes, human rights, and economics so they can contribute to the peaceful transition to democracy in their own country.

To assist with their understanding of these topics which are specifically tailored for the group, they firstly undertake 13 weeks of English study. The MYLP is fully funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by UnionAID in collaboration with Victoria University of Wellington. Students are hosted by a New Zealand family during their stay.

The purpose of the programme is to build the knowledge and skills of the participants so they can help build the capacity of their organisations and work more effectively in their communities in Myanmar. The MYLP is a full time intensive programme and participants are required to work hard. The aim is to have a gender balance and a mix of students to promote understanding and tolerance between the different ethnic and religious groups. On their return home alumni are expected to work cooperatively to contribute to the building of democracy in Myanmar.

  • Applications for the 2019 Programme have closed – we will be running the programme again in 2020 and applications will be open in mid 2019

Latest News about Myanmar young leaders
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    Few people in Myanmar – including politicians – have a good understanding about governance and the role of MPs in the fledgling democracy.  However this is slowly changing thanks to ...

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  • Myanmar Young Leaders Programme 2019

    PURPOSE OF THE MYLP The purpose of the MYLP is to build a network of highly skilled leaders who will contribute to the peaceful development of Myanmar and establish strong links with ...

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