Tamil Nadu Labour Union


Myanmar Railway Workers Union Federation


Confederated Trade Unions of Myanmar


National Union of Factory and Commercial Workers

Low waged worker union. Retail, . Our organiser is Kuini Lutua. Voice for workers at the Wages council which decides the . The situation in Fiji is illustrative of what happens when workers rights aren’t advocated for in legal forums. The Wages Council which meets annually makes Wage Regulated Orders WROs for industries and sectors, since 2012 there have been no workers advocates on the Wages Council and now the Council makes orders which sometimes don’t meet legal minimums (WROs are similar to Fair Pay Agreements being discussed by the working group in New Zealand). There are also no regulatory bodies to ensure employers are meeting their legal requirements.

The Philippines

BPO Industry Employees Network (BIEN)

In The Philippines unions are only able to organise sector wide if they have 50% density in the sector, otherwise unions are only able to be formed for each worksite. There are nearly 35,000 unions in the Philippines. Call centre workers are kept of short term contracts and are often moved from worksite to worksite, making it very difficult to establish unions. BIEN our partner network in the Philippines has been set up to support the formation of labour unions and advocate labour rights and workplace safety for workers in the call centre sector.

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