Narikuravar  Craft Cooperative Beadwork - Copy
“Now we are making strong decisions. Previously no-one respected us because we did not have proper jobs. Now we can improve our lives and be a model to other people.” Raja Lakshmi, president of the Narikuravar Beadwork Craft Cooperative.

logo-onlyUnionAID is a New Zealand charitable trust that that helps overseas workers to form unions and worker collectives. We are New Zealand’s only aid and international development charity run by unions and working through unions to directly improve the work rights and opportunities for working people in nearby developing countries.


You can become a UnionAID Solidarity donor by filling in this form

We develop all our projects in partnership with trusted organisations in developing countries, usually unions. We work directly with workers to identify local needs and priorities. We help them develop strategies which will improve pay and conditions, and encourage economic independence and self-determination.

100 percent of any individual donations we collect go directly to the projects we organise. All our work has a worker focus, supporting adults so they can raise their families in dignity. Most of our fundraising and work is done by union volunteers here in New Zealand.

For instance a project to support Meena (below) and nearly four hundred other women in her Tamil Nadu basket weavers cooperative has improved their pay and reduced their debt. All the children of the women are now enrolled in school, and the women are earning more to supplement the family income, repaying loans and starting to save.

Before our projects in Tamil Nadu started only 20 percent of the Dalit (untouchable) workers earned more than 120 rupees a day.  By the end of the recent projects over 80 percent earned more than 120 rupees a day.



You can read more about our individual projects here:

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